Dreams of Lycanthropy

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Hurray! I managed to achieve my goal last night, so I am now 50/50 overall. I finished up one more transitional scene, leaving me with twenty-four more left. I think this works well for me, having goals written down where they can be fretted over later if I don’t accomplish them is a good motivator for me. My temptation is to throw caution to the win and up my words because it’s the weekend. Just so I don’t get too far ahead of myself though, I will try for another 1000 words tonight.

I also made my magazine spread last night. It’s actually more like a brochure I guess, for the San Diego Zoo. I used pictures from our trip last year. It came out quite nicely I think, good use of color and interesting shapes.

I’ve been playing with the idea of sewing my own curtains for the new place. It can’t be that difficult, and I’m sure there are patterns that I can follow online or at a crafts store. I will probably have to buy at least one for the big front window, because I won’t be able to tolerate the idea of people looking in there at night while I struggle with something new. The bedroom windows though are quite small and high up on the wall, so I won’t have to worry so much about those. I will likely sew those.

I was also mulling over the idea of stenciling on the walls of the second bedroom. We will have to paint that room when we move, since it is currently a thoroughly revolting baby blue color, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try stenciling as well. We’ll see what happens, because it is entirely possible that I will completely lack the motivation to do much of anything after we move, so I’m not counting on completing unnecessary projects.

For some reason this morning I work up an hour and a half before my alarm went off. Considering that I went to bed quite late last night it is quite unusual. I do enjoying getting up before the alarm though, for some reason it makes it seem easier because waking up is my idea rather than being shocked awake from a sound sleep. I am not sure what woke me up. I don’t remember a bad dream waking me, although I did have one of those running dreams earlier in the night. For some reason I have those dreams a lot. I’m not even really sure what I am running from or where I am headed, there is just a pervasive need to escape.

I suppose that escape dreams are some sort of manifestation of the fight or flight evolutionary response. I find it amusing though that sometimes in these dreams I am not really all that frightened, I just want to get away. I’m sure a dream therapist would have fascinating and pointless speculations about how trauma in my childhood caused a tendency to flee from conflict or some such rot. I prefer my idea though, that millennia of danger honed our responses so significantly that even our dreams are filled with the urge to flee.

While I was stagnated writing Cormorant Island I started writing another story that I had the idea for some time ago. It’s a sort of werewolf tale but without the supernatural aura that tends to cling to such creations. I was concentrating on how the myth would have grown out of real beings that were very like us but different in subtle ways that the average person might not notice without close association. What eventually drove me back to the island was that magical stuff kept creeping into what was essentially a historical treatment of lycanthropy.

The reliance on magic was something that I was really trying to avoid in this particular story and every time I saw it happening it made me want to throw out the entire text. It amazes me how sometimes what one is writing can escape from carefully constructed ideas without any effort at all. All of a sudden a perfectly logical story about werewolves turns into some tale fraught with predictable and tiresome supernatural clichés. The story currently stands around 70 pages, and I hope to get back to it at some point when the magic has dissipated a bit.

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