Electric Sheep or Incendiary Pigs?

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Well I almost made it half way in last night’s adventures! I wrote close to 500 words, which is not that bad for me since I didn’t feel like writing at all. I finished off one scene and wrote the transition to another. That leaves *counts on list* twenty-five scenes left. A few of those are rewrites of scenes because of some plot changes that I’ve made along the way. Some of the scenes are very short or just the tail ends of scenes that are already written. All in all I really don’t have very much left, perhaps seventy-five pages. That will put me up around 350 word processor pages which is around 500 in a bound book I think.

I have class tonight, so that will put a damper on my writing, but I will make an attempt to get a thousand words down once again. On the plus side I will be working with layout design which I find fun and is also creative. Hopefully I’ll finish up early and get home with some time left to write.

I think one of my problems with consistency right now has to do with the location that I am using to write. Sitting on the couch with the netbook on my lap in front of the television is not really conducive to getting much done. The new place should help with that considerably.

We heard last night that someone will likely be putting in an offer on our condo by the end of the week. If so that means the final piece that we were waiting for has finally slid into place. We have to wait for the offer of course, but I’m terribly excited. If everything continues to go well we might even be moving by the end of May which would be ahead of schedule and absolutely fantastic.

I have to redo this site at some point. I was playing around with WordPress at the end of last year and that’s when this current version of the site was made. It’s ok, but I’m tired of looking at it already and it’s only been two days that I’ve been actively using it. I will have to consider an actual theme eventually I guess, not that anyone is looking at it but me. Someday maybe!

An interesting bit of strange coincidence just happened to me. I was sitting here pondering if I was supposed to italicize the name of the book I listed above, because that’s the kind of thing I always forget. I did a quickie Google search to figure it out and the page I was sent to used the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick as an example. That reminded me that I’ve wanted to read that for a while now. Maybe I’ll buy that book next, although there are several books coming out soon that I want to read so it may have to wait. It is safely ensconced in my wish list now though, so I won’t forget about it again. I’m not sure of the novel will be any good, but the movie is easily one of my favorites of the genre so I am hopeful.

While I’m on the subject, what a really awesome title that is. Glancing through his list of books and stories he is always quite clever with his titles, but that one in particular is very catchy. I struggle terribly with titles so I am terribly envious of his skill. My current story is called Cormorant Island which is ridiculously lame. Not only is it lame but I didn’t even come up with it! I was trying to figure out a name for the island and was having a difficult time. Ryan rattled off a few different kinds of nautical names and I eventually settled on that one. I hope to have a better name eventually, but nothing has occurred to me so far.

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