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Anyone who knows me even slightly knows that I suffer from manic bouts of creative energy that ebb and surge more often than the tide. I am overcome by ideas and hurry to realize them before the energy to complete the task leaves me. Today I want to paint, tomorrow I will probably want to write and the next day I might want to bake homemade lemon bread. The day after that I might want to learn how to crochet for all I know. In this frazzled and disjointed frenzy not much ever gets accomplished aside from frustration. I am sure that most creative people deal with this issue, but somehow they manage to defeat the ugly beast that is the inability to finish what they start. I haven’t been able to slay that particular beast yet, but there is still hope.

In an effort to help myself get by this hurdle I am going to keep track of my efforts here as a way to 1) keep myself writing and 2) keep a record of what works and what doesn’t as motivation. At least until I lose the will to, which with a little luck will be later rather than sooner. I also hope that this will be a sort of log of my creative efforts in various media that I can look back on and giggle about later.

I have a story that I’ve been writing for several months that is almost finished. I think the premise is clever and I enjoy writing the characters. There are 280ish pages right now, and I can see the end. This is certainly the furthest that I have ever gotten in a creative endeavor of this type, and for a while it came so easily.  I’ve been stalled now for almost a month. I went through the entire text twice, making changes and edits. I wrote summaries of the scenes that are still missing, hoping that a succinct list would help motivate me to fill in the blanks. I started writing prequel type stories of the history of the characters in the hopes that it might give me the glimmer of inspiration that I need to write the last dozen or so scenes. All of that has gotten me perhaps ten additional pages, not counting the introductory stories which I actually rather like but are not part of the story proper.

Yesterday I wanted to draw which is a shame because all of my art supplies are packed away in storage. Difficulties of this type will soon be remedied when we move to our new home. I hope that many of my problems will be alleviated by the move. First, it will give us more room to spread out. I should be able to have a room dedicated to just my stuff and have anything I could possibly want to do in easy reach without the constant pulling out and putting away that has plagued me in this small condo. Second, the place we are moving is much closer to my work which will eliminate my commuting time and thus give me an extra hour a day to fill. If I can fill that time with properly motivated creative tasks I will be doing very well. Finally, the new place will have a totally different feeling than the old one does, and perhaps that will knock something loose in my noggin that will help me finish the things I start. I tend to stagnate when I spend too much time in one place I think, and I’ve been at this same small condo for nine years now, it’s time for a change!

Today I don’t feel much like writing either, but I am going to try. The fact that I have to constantly clean the house to keep it neat for showings and have class two nights a week isn’t helping my creative endeavors, but I will try my damnedest to write my thousand words tonight. Tomorrow’s entry will relate my success or failure in this regard.

I have a project I need to work on in class tomorrow that is a bit creative, so I will count that here. I need to come up with a two page, magazine story like spread with In Design. I think I am going to use some photos from our road trip last year and make the story about traveling America. I don’t have to actually write the story, I can fill it in with filler text, but I have to put the pictures in and make it look pretty.

I have a few other tidbits of creative news, but I think I will save those for another entry. I will need something to type about tomorrow when I share my successful writing attempts from tonight!

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